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Router Support

Router Support and Maintenance

Services for activation of infrastructure equipment for operational use. Ensuring that equipment is installed and configured by providing technical support throughout the activation process.

If you encounter trouble with your internet access, your first step should be to contact technical support at +1 877-597-0700

 Router support and maintenance include-

● Router equipment installation, cabling, and activation

● Remote support for Wi-Fi setup and configuration

● SSID Assistance

● Firmware Updates

What kind of Wireless Router do you need?

Depending on your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you may need to buy a router or a router modem. Nearly all ISPs use either DSL or fiber for their service, which requires signal conversation by modem. Most modern routers have modems built-in, so you only need one device.

TechDrive Support provides wifi-routers like 2.4g wireless router, 4g wireless router, 5g wireless router, wireless router for laptops, industrial router, and enterprise router.

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