Privacy Policy

TechDrive Support is committed to your privacy. The policy describes how we utilize your personal identification information. The use of your personal information by all businesses owned and run by is governed by this privacy statement, which may change immediately without prior notice. Your personal identification information may be stored or utilized by any companies under TechDrive Support but always within the terms and conditions of this privacy policy.

Your right to privacy is respected and acknowledged by our privacy policy, and we are determined to preserve the confidentiality of all users of our website The data gathered on belongs exclusively to TechDrive Support. We will not provide, loan, rent, or sell any identifiable personal information to any other third party unless legally required to do so. Users' data is gathered at several different locations on our website.


Personal Details

The consumer must complete the registration form before using the services of TechDrive Support. Users must provide contact information, such as their first and last names, email addresses, postal addresses, etc. TechDrive Support will use your contact information to contact you about the services and/or products you have solicited. This includes alerts for renewal or re-registration, exclusive deals, and surveys to help us improve our Service.

Payment Details

If a user purchases a plan from TechDrive Support, we will ask them for their credit card details and any other financial information needed to process their payment. TechDrive Support could employ a third party to handle and validate credit cards for billing purposes. This means we must give the credit card processing business our user name, credit card number, expiration date, and billing address. TechDrive Support will also collect data on the payment amount and other transactional details when processing a payment transaction. We might transfer or disclose this payment information to a third party only to the necessary extent to complete the processing payment.


Computer System Information

Subscriber Computer

We can also ask you for information about your computer. If you report a fault occurrence or need to run diagnostics on your computer, this information may include: the manufacturing date and model of your computer and/or any computer hardware, software, or peripherals attached to it; the date and type of your computer; the identification number of your computer; the state of the computer and the application; information about software installations and hardware configurations; and data from your system and registry about error tracking files. Generally speaking, we need this information to provide you with individualized technical support, update our support tools, and expand the range of products we support.


Remote Access

You can ask for remote access to your computer to be used to remedy the issue when contacting support. TechDrive Support uses authorized utilities that enable users to give remote Internet control of their computer to tech professionals so they may diagnose or fix issues. Tech professionals are not permitted to use the Remote Access software until they have completed the required training, and the User is permitted to grant control. Additionally, IT experts won't intentionally delete data from a user's computer or network, acquire sensitive or secret information, or make the user encounter system issues via remote access techniques.


Diagnostic Tool

A wide range of operational data on the condition of a computer system and the apps running on it may be gathered by several TechDrive Support online diagnosis applications. This data is compiled into a document with all the pertinent information that TechDrive Support requires, and it is transferred securely over the Internet to the TechDrive Support server. TechDrive Support examines this data to identify and address user issues. There won't be any sensitive information in the data gathered by the TechDrive Support program, including emails, email addresses, passwords, profiles, websites visited, etc.

The terms of use in the relevant software license agreements also apply to the usage of the Remote Access and Diagnoses programs.



A cookie is a piece of information a web server sends to a web browser. The browser saves the message as a text file. Cookies' principal purpose is to recognize users so that customized web pages can be created for them. Using a cookie on our site in no way compromises the privacy of our visitors because it is not connected to any personally identifiable data.


Live Help Session Records

TechDrive Support reserves the right to watch online and offline sessions between users and a Tech Support Executive to ensure the quality of the Service that Tech Support Executives offer customers. Additionally, we might record online and offline sessions used on the website for user reference, dispute resolution, and/or future complaint purposes. Additionally, the session records will be utilized to enhance the Service, create a knowledge base for assistance, and/or carry out internal market research. However, information from session records won't be connected with information that can be used to identify specific clients.


Log Files

We track user activity, operate the site, evaluate trends, and gather broad demographic data using IP addresses. There is no connection between IP addresses and personally identifiable data. We will provide our partners and marketers with aggregated demographic data. There is no connection between this and any private information that can identify a specific individual.


Contests and Surveys

Our website occasionally asks users for information through surveys or competitions. Users have complete discretion over whether or not to disclose their personal information because participation in these surveys or contests is purely voluntary. Contact details like name, mailing address, and demographic information like zip code may be required. To contact the winners and distribute prizes, contact information will be used. The survey results will be used to monitor or enhance how well and how frequently users of this site are satisfied with it.


Security Issues

To protect user information, our website takes every precaution. This website takes all necessary security measures to safeguard user information. When a user submits sensitive information through the website, it is safeguarded online and offline. The finest encryption software is used to protect sensitive data, like credit card numbers, and encrypts it. We transport and receive customer data exchanged with our site using industry-standard 128-bit encryption technology. Off-line user data is also protected with the same degree of care. All of our users' information, including the sensitive data described above, is restricted at our offices.

Access to personally identifiable information is only given to staff members, such as billing clerks or customer care agents, who require the data to carry out a specific function. When they leave their workstations, even they employ password-protected screen savers. Users must re-enter their password to regain access to user information upon returning. Additionally, all staff members are updated on our security and privacy procedures. Our staff is informed and/or reminded about the value we place on privacy and what they can do to ensure that the information of our customers is protected every quarter and every time new policies are established. Lastly, we maintain a highly secure environment on the servers where we store personally identifiable information.

Other websites accessible from our website have their own data gathering practices, security policies, and privacy protections. Please review the privacy statement of each website. We reserve the right to provide law enforcement officials with information about our users when doing so is necessary by law and to protect our interests in any legal proceedings.


Auxiliary Information

For this website to fulfill its obligations to our clients, we must augment the information we receive with information from third-party sources.

Special Offers

We send a welcome email to all new users to confirm their password and login name. Older members occasionally receive information on products, services, special deals, and newsletters.


Correction/Updating Personal Information

If the User's personally identifiable information changes (for example, zip code), or if the User no longer desires the Service, we will make every effort to provide a mechanism for the User to amend, update, or remove the User's data given to us. This is done on the Profile page.


Notification of Changes

TechDrive Support reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time by posting changes online without providing you with prior notice. The most recent version of the Privacy Policy can be accessed by visiting our website at and clicking on the "Privacy Policy" hypertext link. You must read this Privacy Statement before submitting any information to the website. After changes to the Privacy Policy have been posted, submitting your information signifies acceptance of those changes.

If we choose to use personally identifiable information in a manner other than that described when it was acquired, we will notify the User by email. We will utilize information in compliance with the privacy policy used to gather the information.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our privacy statement, don't hesitate to contact us.